Get The Best Night Vision Security Cameras

The best wireless night vision security camera provides reliable and high-quality video security surveillance using a DVR. They are suitable for both home and business use. These ultra-high-resolution security camera systems provide a continuous recording with good and reliable storage capacity.

But, we`ll dive deeper and look at all that a security camera must have to make it to the top of the list.

How To Select The Best HD Night Vision Security Cameras

When out shopping for a night vision security camera, the customer should take into account several things such as:

  • Whether to get a ‘Color’ or ‘Black and White’ Camera

This depends on the light level in the area where the security camera is to be installed. High-resolution color cameras are often equipped with a feature called infrared (IR) cutoff filter which provides an integrated night vision. Color cameras are a good choice for insufficient light.

  • The Lux Rating

It measures the intensity of light intensity with respect to the human eye. The most common Lux rating for ‘color’ cameras is somewhere between one and four, while the black and white cameras have much lower Lux ratings.

  • The Type Of System Connectivity

It depends on the customer’s security requirements and the surveillance environment. Typically there are two types of system connectivity cameras-a wired one and a wireless one.The wired camera systemsThese are good for both indoor as well as outdoor use.  The image quality is the best. These cameras have DIN connection ports and come with video extension cables to connect the security cameras with the recording and the control unit.They are well suited for locations that are too large for a wireless security camera system to cover, this makes them a top choice for those with long driveways. The wireless camera systems
Wireless cameras are affordable and easy to set up. These camera systems do not have to go through signal interference when in range of other devices.The audio-video output is clear. These systems are well suited for locations that can be covered by the signal. They have no visible wiring and hence are easily concealed.The IP cameras Connect the camera system using a computer router. They allow the remote control of the cameras through a smartphone or a computer with an Internet connection.They can record video footage and allow real-time monitoring.

  • Choosing Between an Outdoor or an Indoor Security Camera System

Both indoor and outdoor security camera systems provide reliable and effective safety measures. The purpose of the surveillance system determines which one is the best. Check an earlier post where outdoor cameras purchase is covered.The outdoor security camera system needs to be waterproof and weatherproof as they are installed out in the open so they need protection from the elements(not to mention you do not always want to be changing their position once installed. Outdoor security cameras, therefore, need more attention when purchasing as they have to be sturdy.The indoor security camera system, Indoor security cameras unlike outdoor cameras on the other hand, need not be weatherproof. You might choose an indoor camera that can blend well

into the decor in order to make it less likely to be noticed by intruders.

  • Motion Detection Cameras

Motion detection is a very much useful and must-have feature in outdoor surveillance systems. It gets activated at any movement, starts recording while simultaneously sending out alerts.

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  • The Number Of Security Cameras Needed

It really depends on the size of the area to be covered. Two or four security cameras are sufficient for a small business or home security camera system. Be sure to leave no blind spots. The Best Night Vision Security CamerasOnce the security needs are defined, look up a night vision security camera or system on the web. You can find ‘n’ number of night vision cameras to choose from which can get tedious. That is why we bring a select best night security cameras for you to check:Nest Cam IndoorRating: 4 out of 5Nest Cam Indoor night vision security camera has 8 IR LEDs and a lens with a 130-degree wide-angle field of vision. The competitive picture quality with full 1080p HD has its own cloud storage program named Nest Aware.Its versatile design makes this security camera easy to integrate into any system environment. The negative point is the monthly subscription fee.Yi Home Camera 2Rating: 3.5 out of 5It offers almost perfect picture quality for both day and night surveillance with full 1080p HD footage. The 11 IR LEDs—one of the best for indoor cameras- range stretches up to 30 feet. It is an affordable version of the popular Nest Cam. It allows a microSD card local storage but no cloud storage. Also, the camera lens has a 130-degree wide-angle focus.Other key features of the security camera include two-way Audio with a noise-canceling and hypersensitive microphone, which ensures high data protection, extra sensitive motion detection, and instant alerts.FoscamRating: 3.5 out of 5The Foscam night vision security camera has the most powerful 30 IR LEDs with a night vision range up to 65 feet. With this camera, you get the best picture quality better than full HD 1440p.It needs to be connected using wires and an ethernet cable for internet access. The installation and wiring can be time-consuming which is the only negative point with this camera system. Otherwise, this one is the best choice for nighttime surveillance.CleverLoop Indoor CameraRating: 3.5 out of 5The CleverLoop night vision security camera is a DIY security camera with excellent night vision ranging up to 65 feet. Being a DIY security camera, it has an easy installation procedure with good wifi connectivity.The extra features include 1280 x 720p HD resolution picture quality, the lens with a 60-degree wide-angle field of vision, geo-fencing, and remote access. It has an added bonus to the smart system functionality offered by the CleverLoop base station.ArloRating: 4 out of 5Arlo security camera system is known as the best in the security camera industry. It is a wireless camera and has a standard night vision (850 nanometers IR LEDs) range up to 25 feet. It provides 720p HD resolution picture quality and lens with a 110-degree wide range field of view.Relatively easy to install and can be mounted anywhere as long as it stays within the wifi range. Other key features include motion-activated cameras, real-time alerts, no wasted battery power and a weatherproof camera.ConclusionMany homes or business owners install a variety of security camera systems to protect their properties. Since an intruder is more likely to attempt to breach your property after dark, the night vision security cameras prove more useful as security measures.The night vision security cameras use infrared LEDs and are able to capture good-quality images in the dark. Motion detection further enhances its performance by its ability to capture and record any movement as soon as it happens.

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