Top 3 Wireless Home Security Cameras For 24/7 Protection

At present wireless home security cameras have become immensely popular across the globe and is perhaps the most efficient way to monitor your residence as well as the surroundings.Nevertheless, there are so many models out there that it is natural for you to become confused while selecting the appropriate one for you. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned some essential guidelines on what to look for when buying a home security camera.

1-Cost Of Buying Security Cameras
This is perhaps the most important consideration before going for wireless security cameras for home. It should cover not only the cost of buying the equipment but also the monthly monitoring subscription expenses as well.
Moreover, you also need to take into account the installation charges that come with these devices. Although some are easy to install and can be done even if you`re not a DIY expert.
Although you might be able to install most of them on your own, it would be better to take the help of an expert professional who will do the job flawlessly. Make it a point to get the best bargain while you receive different quotations for any particular model.
2-Ease Of Installation
As mentioned before, it would be prudent to employ the services of any professional handyman for installing home security cameras. In fact, they should not charge exorbitant rates for accomplishing this task.
On the other hand, some of the security companies are going to do the job for you as a part of the overall expenses. 
3. Warranty After Purchase
Always go for a manufacturer offering the most lucrative warranty that will cover repairs or even free replacements for a specific period of time. A genuine warranty will help to avoid any issues in the future.
4. Monitoring
It is crucial how your home security camera is monitored. The majority of the cameras are going to have a central monitoring system which is running 24 hours a day.
Monitoring channels can be set up in 3 possible ways.
The safest option is going to be cellular monitoring although it is the most pricey as compared to the other choices.
On the contrary, the Internet and phone line happen to be the least expensive among the three. Apart from this, you can always perform the monitoring yourself although it might not be the best option.
Having said that, you do not need to monitor if there are no intruders as the cameras will alert you so, no alert, you can stay relaxed.
Not only that, these cameras are not only for intruders but for anyone visiting your home.
Below, we will talk about some in-demand wireless security cameras for home on the market, and also which one you should consider purchasing. some of these were mentioned at an earlier post so check the post here if you missed it.
Technical specifications:Top 3 Wireless Home Security Cameras For 24/7 Protection
  • i. 6.5 x 3.8 x 6.6 inches in dimension
  • ii. 1.8 pounds in weight
  • iii. HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p
  • iv. Eight IR LEDs
  • v. Wide-angle FOV of 130 degrees
  • i. Magnetic base
  • ii. Easy to install
  • iii. 2-way audio
  • iv. Live video 24 hours a day
  • v. Easy to use application
  •  Lack of any customizable alerts
  •  Limited notifications
  •  Lack of any option for local storage
  • Monthly cloud storage charge of $ 10
This particular model can boast of a versatile design and it is possible to monitor its activity as well as record HD images anytime you want. It is likewise feasible to monitor video footage along with a thermostat or any other IFTTT gadget.
The innovative cloud storage system undoubtedly makes the camera stand out amongst the rest.
Although a major drawback happens to be the $10 monthly subscription charge, it is definitely outshined by the positive aspects of this awesome wireless home security camera system.

Technical Specifications:Wireless Home Security Cameras

  • 2.8 x 1.7 x 2.6 inches in dimension
  •  HD resolution of 1280 x 720p
  • Wide-angle FOV view of 110 degrees
  •  Night vision range of as much as 25 feet
  •  Motion detection
  • Hundred percent wireless design
  •  Indoor as well as outdoor capabilities
  •  Simple to use application
  •  Motion detection
  •  Weatherproofing
  •  Simple installation
  •  Free cloud storage
  •  Lack of any email notification
  •  Not able to work at temperatures below 14 degrees Fahrenheit
  •  The absence of any facility to record sound
  •  Excessive dependence on battery power
This cutting-edge wireless home security camera does not come with any string wire attached to it. It is possible to install it almost anywhere since it is wireless as well as weatherproof.
However, bear in mind that this device is only going to work at temperatures above 14 degrees Fahrenheit only.
You will be able to connect up to as much as 5 Arlo cameras thanks to the revolutionary Arlo app although a subscription will be required to connect multiple cameras (5 to 15 in numbers).
In case you would like to go for versatility, then it will be worth checking its pricing on
3. Ring Pro 1080p
Technical Specifications:
  • i. 4.5 x 1.85 x .8 inches in dimension
  • ii. HD resolution of 1080p
  • iii. FOV of 160 degrees
  • iv. 1-year warranty on equipment
  • v. Wi-Fi connection of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • i. Multiple options for faceplate color
  • ii. Customizable motion zones
  • iii. HD video of 1080p
  • iv. Supports more bandwidth
  • v. Smartphone notifications


  • i. The absence of any local storage
  • ii. Expensive
  • iii. Sluggish performance in cold conditions
This amazing wireless home security camera comes with an enhanced video quality of 1080p, superior Wi-Fi support, along with a slick design.
Having an amazing FOV of 160 degrees, this Ring Pro is definitely ahead in the competition, unlike the other similar wireless security cameras for home out there.
Customizable motion detection is yet another positive aspect of this security system.
It doesn’t have any option for battery installation and, consequently, it will not serve the purpose unless it is hardwired to an existing doorbell.

In a nutshell, the high-resolution video capability, customizable motion zones, as well as slimmed-down layout, definitely make this device one of the smartest choices at present.

As we mentioned before, there are so many models out there that it is easy for you to get overwhelmed regarding which one to purchase. However, try to perform adequate research by looking into online reviews from the previous customers who have used these cameras in the past.
You may also go through the different message boards and forums online which can provide you with proper answers to any query that you might have. Otherwise, another smart idea will be to take recommendations from your friends and relatives.
Do not always go for the inexpensive models since they might lack the features desired by you. Just like any other gadget, preparing yourself in advance is vital while purchasing wireless security cameras for home.
Bear in mind that home security cameras will be the perfect solution to all your security concerns allowing you to sleep properly at night or feel more at ease when away.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post and could get some quality here, if you have any questions, please leave me a message below.

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