Best Doorbell Camera for Your Home Security

It’s a misconception that security cameras are only for businesses and homes with high crime rates. In fact, they can be an affordable way to keep an eye on the home or business when you’re away from it.

A doorbell camera is perfect for this because it records all of the goings-on outside your house in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about being out of touch if something happens while you’re gone.
What do you think? Do these benefits sound like something worth investing in?
I’m sure many people will agree that having some peace of mind is much better than constantly worrying about what might happen while they’re away!

It may seem expensive at first glance but after checking all the advantages, you`ll want to invest in the best doorbell camera that your money can buy.

If you are concerned about unwanted visitors or have been careful about your visitors, then you
should be interested in getting the best doorbell camera for your home.
There are lots of them in the market, and trying to select the best doorbell camera for your security can present a lot of challenges.Best Doorbell Camera for Your Home Security
We have tested quite a number of them to see how they perform. We have come out with some excellent products for your use.
Irrespective of the size of your apartment or home, you can conveniently take advantage of this gadget. You must bear in mind that the benefit of a doorbell camera far outweighs its cost.
As such, in this article, I will take a look at the basic working principle of a doorbell camera, its features, and we show you 5 tested and trusted doorbell cameras for your home security.

Working Principle of Security Cameras.

Most doorbell cameras come with built-in motion detection. It enables them to record images and motions whenever humans or any other figure comes within range.

They are not like the old cameras that record images primarily in black and white. They are digital cameras enabled to capture images with high definition.

When it comes to power input, they are backed up with a battery. It can be plugged directly into an AC source for continuous charging.

Most doorbell cameras now integrate with Apps on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It sends an alert to your phone when it is triggered by the passage of a visitor or an intruder. This will enable you to view the action that is taking place at your doorstep in a live stream.

Top of the technology is your ability to have two-way communication with anyone at your doorstep via built-in microphones and speakers. You can conveniently interact with anyone at your doorstep, whether you are indoors or away from your doorstep.

Now that you know the basic working principle; let us see some basic features you should expect from any of the best doorbell cameras you select.

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The Best Doorbell Camera Must Haves

1-Your Doorbell Camera should be accessible.

Like any other smart home device, your doorbell camera should be accessible from anywhere. If you leave your kids at home or expecting a visitor and want to monitor access into your apartment, whatever the challenge, you can rely on your doorbell camera.
You can conveniently view and record footage while you are away or at home. Many of the doorbell cameras allow you to set alerts on your phones. As such, you do not miss any of the life or recorded footage.

2-Quality Video 

Quality video output is one of those things anyone will look out for in a camera. Many of the cameras come with good video quality above 480 pixels. To ensure you get a camera that has sound output, I advise you to go for a camera that has not less than 720Pixel.

Sure there are many features that you should be looking for when looking for video doorbells, but one of the most important is the resolution and field of view.

You want to make sure that your doorbell camera has a minimum 720p resolution and 120° field of view. If it doesn’t have this and you can’t see who is there, then what’s the point in having a video doorbell?

3-Audio control 

Another beautiful feature you will want to see in choosing the best doorbell camera is its audio control. Apart from seeing who is outside, quality two-way audio control will help you communicate with someone outside with ease.

The two-way control will allow you to chat and leave instructions for your visitors without opening your door.

4-Motion detection 

Motion detection is critical, as it helps you curb crime. Some doorbell cameras come with this unique feature; they can detect images and send you to alert based on motion or images detected. It allows you to select the zone you want the camera to capture to select the zones you wish to and leave out irrelevant areas.

5-Weatherproof design 

You want to shop for a quality camera that can stand the test of time, irrespective of the weather. It is a camera that can withstand heavy rains and the hot sun. It is one of the features that characterize the best doorbell camera. They have an excellent ability to offer snow, rain, and humidity resistance.

Best Doorbell camera Without Subscription 

Let us look at some doorbell cameras that I have selected based on their unique features and the fact that you will not have to pay a monthly subscription to them.

RemoBell is an excellent doorbell camera that gives users a pleasant experience when it comes to seeing and conversing with visitors in front of their doors. They come with infrared, which enables excellent night vision. As such, you do not need extra light outside.

I love the motion sensors, you can easily adjust them and easily exclude busy areas. It will reduce the chances of capturing false motion. Even at night, you can adjust the sensitivity of your motion detector.

The top of it is that you do not need to worry about annual or monthly Subscriptions. Remo saves your video in the cloud, and it can last for three days in the cloud for free.

If you want to keep it in the cloud for a more extended period, you will need a subscription. It is also affordable; you can pay as low as $3.Which is still quite reasonable.

What other users think

Now some users gave this brilliant product a 4* but even here where it`s not all the way to five stars, the complaints are minor like “when set to the highest quality, the video only saved audio”Now this is a bug the manufacture was/is aware of and working on so maybe by the time of writing this post, it`s been corrected.

You can check user reviews here and why they did not give it 5 stars.

What I love most about the Eufy is its battery that can stand the test of time. It can stay for as long as 6months and charging it takes around 3hours. It makes installation easy. You do not need to worry yourself with the cumbersome laying of cables.

It comes with a superb AI technology that can auto-detect human presence at the door, and it sends an instant notification in no time.

Eufy security doorbell makes my list one of the best doorbell cameras because it comes with 16Gb local storage. As such, you do not need to worry about any form of Subscription.

The one deal-breaker might be the price tag, but having said that, I`m not sure if you can put a price at your security

If you are concerned about beauty and presentation, Honeywell Skybell will be a good choice. It comes with a unique slim design and increases the beauty of the outlook of your entrance. The plan does not just take care of beauty but also takes care of ease of installation. You can install it within the space of 10 minutes.

Worth Mentioning

The Arlo Pro is a wireless home security camera system that lets you monitor your property from anywhere in the world.

This 2-pack includes two cameras, which can be mounted by themselves or together on walls and ceilings to cover large areas; it also includes an included rechargeable battery and base station for power.

The siren feature alerts you when motion is detected near your device, so if someone’s in your house while you’re away, they’ll be caught red-handed!

You can set up the Arlo Pro to send notifications of movement to your phone or email address so that nothing goes unnoticed. It may seem like a lot of equipment at first glance, but with only one app available for both iOS and Android devices this whole setup couldn`t be easier.

Now it did not make the list for other reasons but you can read an in-depth post about the Arlo Pro security camera here.

Conclusion on finding the best door security cameraXVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System Home Security Outdoor 1TB Hard Drive Pre-Install CCTV Recorder 4pcs HD 1920TVL Upgra...

As technology continues to develop, so do our needs and wants as consumers. One trend we’ve seen a rise in recent years is home surveillance systems like security cameras or even just handy smartphone apps like Nest Cam like Google nest where we can keep track of our homes from anywhere with a wifi.

We hope you found this post helpful and it will help you choose the best doorbell security camera for your home.

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    • I love Ring door bell and have been using one for years(3 years I think).
      Glad to know my post proved to be helpful to you. Having said that,there is so much selection at Amazon that everyone will find their choice of security camera there some very affordable.

    • Thanks, there are so many doorbell cameras out there choosing what to buy can be a challenge, glad to know you found what works for you.

    • I think security should not come second, keeping your home, property, and loved ones safe or knowing they are safe gives a lot of peace of mind.

  1. We have been thinking about this very thing for a while, we constantly have car prowlers in our neighborhood, this seems to be happening more and more. I’m just nervous that I would be really panicked if I actually saw someone outside our home while it was happening instead of hearing about it the next day from neighbors.

    • Hello Michelle
      I can understand your concerns about having to watch a crime taking place if you have a security camera on your property,but I can assure you it`s for the best,you have a chance of calling the cops before the offenders leave.
      But,if you do not feel comfortable checking your home security camera,it`s still a great tool should something happen and you need to have an idea who is responsible.
      I hope you`ll find the best home security camera if and when you need one.


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