Best Baby Monitors Of 2020 To Give You A Peaceful Night

Things To Consider To Get The Best Baby Monitors

As a new parent, you`ve probably discovered that your baby needs constant attention, it`s like you need an extra pair of eyes to keep on top of things.

That`s why you need a baby monitor, these gadgets that started as audio-only to help you listen to your child in another room are now well-equipped that you can not listen and watch your baby sleep or play in the next room.

For many families, allowing your baby to sleep in his/her room alone is more like a blessing.

Many parents usually start this as a routine so that the baby gets used to a set schedule.

It also allows the baby to have a sound sleep without any interference and not to mention finally some time for parents to sleep and relax themselves.

Of course, it means that you need a way to ascertain that the baby is continually monitored for their safety and in case, the baby needs anything.

The best way to ensure that is by using a reliable and the best baby monitor
. If it makes the top-rated baby monitors lists then all the better.

A wifibaby monitor allows you to monitor your baby while you are not physically present in the room.

These monitors generally have a transmitter and receiver which is portable.

The transmitter is left in the room where your baby is while the receiver is carried around by you or taken to the next room or given to the caregiver.

Some baby monitors can even work with smartphones, laptops, tablets, or desktop computers making it easy for you to keep an eye on your child from anywhere.

The baby monitors can be found in all shapes and sizes equipped with interesting features.

The high-tech baby monitors can help keep tabs on your precious one from another room.

It gives you peace of mind and allows you to go about your daily routine and activities.

However, you will encounter many baby monitors in the market which will make your job of picking a good one difficult.
Before buying a baby monitor, you must first consider what your requirements are regarding the baby monitor, how much you are willing to spend and how effective the said baby monitor is.

There are several other factors that should be taken into consideration like

  • Long-range monitoring,
  • Monitor display,
  • WiFi connectivity,
  • Dual cameras,
  • Monitor security,
  • Portability,
  • Multi-room monitors,
  • Other advanced features

Described below is the list to consider when buying the best baby monitors:

The monitors below made it as Best Baby Monitors Of 22020

Monitor Security (Analog vs. Digital):

Analog baby monitors are less expensive than the Digital monitors but the analog signals can be intercepted by anyone within the range.

Digital monitor encrypts the signals which make it impossible to be intercepted by any third party.

So, the Digital monitors are safer than the Analog monitors even if a bit pricey.

Audio Or Video Monitoring:


The simplest and the least expensive baby monitors are the audio-only monitors.

With these monitors, you can listen in to your baby.
However, most baby monitors available on the market are video and audio transmitting baby monitors as they are gaining more popularity.

The audio-only monitors take up less space than the video baby monitors.

The video baby monitors come with a variety of features like different screen sizes, pan, and zoom camera facility, and night vision as well.

The newest models of baby monitors now include the ability to work with a number of devices such as smartphones, computers, etc.

This allows you to monitor your baby from anywhere more about monitoring is explained on this post.

Some even can send an alert if something is amiss with the bay’s movement or lack of movement along with keeping track of the room temperature.

Placing the audio baby monitors within 3 to 10 feet of the baby’s crib will give best results in picking up the sighs, gurgle, and wail of the baby.

The video baby monitors, on the other hand, need to be closer to get a clear image of your baby.

The ideal distance can be determined by trial and error.Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens


The most basic baby monitor models use the frequency of 49 megahertz (MHz).

The longer-range ones use 900 MHz but these are vulnerable to outside interference.

That is why many baby monitors now use 2.4 gigahertz (GHz). The interference still remains a problem but the margin has reduced.

What Size should The Top Rated Baby Monitors Be?

A small sized baby monitor is easy to carry around and can be carried anywhere you like.
Low-Battery Indicator

Opting for a baby monitor that alerts you when a new battery change is required will prove to be wise especially when you forget to change then due to being overworked and stressed.

With a new baby in the house, that isn’t that far out a possibility. Why not check one thing out off your list of worry?

Sound-Activated Light:

The sound activation is helpful in the times when you are working with a machine that makes a lot of noise drowning other sounds such as the vacuum cleaner.

Or if you are in a part of the house where you are out of hearing range.

In such cases, a baby monitoring device will light up a unit alerting you to check the baby monitor.

Multiple Receivers And Transmitters:

Baby monitors also come with multiple receivers. Usually, two receivers are the norm.

You can leave one in the room and carry the other around while you go about your business.

You can even share them with family members or the sitters.

These High-tech monitors are capable of sending alerts and signals to multiple receivers or smart devices at one point. Check more on monitors and security cameras here.
With multiple transmitters, you can monitor multiple rooms at once. They often come with 2 parent units.

Talk Back Feature:best baby monitors of 2018

This is one of the advanced features of new age baby monitors.

It is for those parents who want to be able to respond back to their child especially when the child is in distress. This talkback feature allows just that.

Just press a button or flip a switch and talk into it to calm the distressed child.

Motion Sensors:

Another advanced feature in baby monitoring now includes the motion sensors that monitor the movements of the baby and alerts the parent if the child hasn’t moved within a certain time frame.

It is a lifesaver for those parents who have babies with breathing and other health concerns.


For places where blankets are considered safety hazards for infants, some baby monitors now are equipped with thermometers.

They can register the room temperature and allow the parents to read said temperature and adjust it accordingly without ever having to go inside.
Where To BuyTop Rated Baby Monitors
There are different suppliers online and offline, if you`re buying offline, do visit your local electronics store.If you`re buying online.
Amazon has a large selection in different price categories and you`ll be able to read reviews from users who`ve bought the product so you have an idea what you`re getting. Click here to view from Amazon.

Conclusion On Baby Monitors:
Technology has time and again proven that it can do wonders to make life easy and comfortable.
These are not only the best baby monitors of 2020, but I`m also sure they will still be the best in years to come as the technology used in each is top.
Not to forget safer! It is true in the case of the baby monitors all the more.
With this baby monitoring technology, now parents are able to keep tabs on their children as well as do their regular jobs without disturbing the child.
With each newly designed baby monitors, another layer of a new feature is incorporated such as enhanced security, sound-activated lights or motion sensors.
All these features should be carefully considered when purchasing a baby monitor to provide parents with the baby monitor that best suits their needs.
I really hope you found value reading this post aimed at helping you find and buy the best and top-rated baby monitors if you have any questions, please do leave a message below.
Know another best baby monitor I did not mention? leave me a message below.

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