What Is Motion Sensor Light? Be Informed Before You Purchase

If lights automatically come on when you enter an environment, then motion sensor lights are at work. If you are thinking of having such devices in your home or office, you are in the right place. We`ll answer the most basic question many new buyers have, what is motion sensor light?

In this article, my focus is on motion sensor lights. What to look for when buying exterior motion sensor light as these are different from indoor lights.

I will explain the functions of a motion sensor light, its features, advantages, and its disadvantages. We will not stop there; I will also share the best outdoor motion sensor light and we`ll look at what other buyers think.

What is a Motion Sensor Light?

Motion SensorLights

are lights that are activated by movement or positional changes. They are electric devices that use sensors placed in various positions to detect movement from one point to another within their coverage.

To determine these positional changes, the sensor is meant to emit infrared energy, sound waves, or microwaves. It enables them to sense their immediate environment to notice any changes.

Let`s get into details and see how it works 

How Motion Sensor Lights work

A white Motion Sensor Light In Your Home or office to alert you of the going-ons at your door.

Apart from turning on lights in the presence of an intruder, they have also been effective at cutting off power supplies when power is not in use by becoming a suitable means of reducing energy costs.

You will find the use of motion sensor lights when designing a security system or in an attempt to cut down on energy consumption.

When it comes to security applications, motion sensor lights turned on for every rat and leaf in the years gone by. This caused a lot of unrest for both house owners and neighbors. But with improvements in technology, they have become much more sensitive and easier to customize.

Light motion sensor has a small lens that can detect changes in heat and movement in specified areas. Whenever there is a change in heat or lightning, the light is activated by a switch.

The reverse is when there is no change in temperature or movement within its coverage area. The sensor triggers the switch and cuts off the light supply automatically. It helps the motion sensor light act as a means of reducing energy consumption, cost, and memory space.

Motion sensor light’s operation is based on the passive infrared detector. They are different from the active infrared detectors. While the latter will add to the environment, the latter does not.

Worth mentioning is the effectiveness of the motion sensor lights. Their effectiveness is determined by the proximity of a person, the further away a person is from the system, the more difficult it will be to detect their infrared heat.

What is Motion Sensor Light: Advantages and disadvantages? 

Motion sensor lights have been categorized as one of the best forms of security for your home environment. Although many security professionals have agreed upon this position, I will like to see some of its advantages and disadvantages because no matter how good a product is, there are always negatives to think about.

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Advantages of Motion Sensor Lights

  1. Energy Saving: This is one of the most significant advantages of motion sensor lights. Since they are triggered only by motion, they are not powered on all through the day. Also, a lot of them use LED, which also contributes to their energy savings ability.
  2. Quickly Grab Attention: They illuminate of detecting human presence. This immediately draws the attention of people in the neighborhood
  3. Long lifespan: They are built with durability in mind. They can work well for an extended period, requiring little or no need of maintenance. As such, it can last a prolonged duration. 
  4. Easy to Install: They are simple to install. They come with an inbuilt security unit. As such, their installation requires little or no technical assistance. 

Disadvantages of Motion Sensor Lighting 

  1. A lot of Distraction: They are not suitable for an environment with frequent passage of people and cars. There will be constant illumination, and this can be very distracting. 
  2. High Initial Cost: The initial cost can be high, especially if you require very bright lights and numerous modes. But, there are still very affordable motion detection lights you can check here.
  3. Light lifespan may burn out: You do not have absolute control over when light lifespan burns out. If the light is triggered by motion often, it may burn out fast. I advise you to go with a high-quality light to eradicate this issue.

Recommended Motion sensor lights 

I have dealt with the concept of what is motion sensor light in detail and have it out of the way, pointed out how it works, its advantages, and its disadvantages, and making decisions on outdoor motion detector lights or if it will be for indoors.

I must point out some of these devices that I have tested and used. Below are three of these devices that I recommend.

When buying a motion sensor light, there are several things to consider. For example:

  1. Are you looking for outdoor motion detector lights or indoors
  2. Where will the lights be installed? If they’re going in your backyard, you need ones that can stand up against moisture and dirt exposure.

However, if it’s for the inside of your homes like near stairs or doorways then normal bulbs should work fine without any waterproofing precautions needed as long as no one steps on them or knocks into them too often;

There is also another important factor to take into consideration when using these types of lights such as their battery life because some might go out after only a few months while others last much longer.

LeonLite LED security lights 

Leon lite is efficient when it comes to saving energy and its cost. It is so efficient enough to cut down your energy bill to as low as 10 percent. They do this without compromising on their brightness.

If you decide to have them in your backyard or the frontage, you can rest assured that the device will generate as much as 1800 lumens to lighten your environment.

The top of it is that they come in diverse finishes, they are waterproof, adjustable security lights, and very durable.

Now there have been some complaints but even comparing the pros and cons, the pros really outweigh the complaints and the cons are of minor things like” the light went out just after months” or things like the light was too bright.

Well, I don`t know any light that can be too bright outdoors and surely not motion detection cameras. Honestly, this is something we have to deal with when using light.

But, you can check user reviews here. Negative reviews and Positive reviews or you can click here to check the product.

Baxia Motion Sensor Lights

Baxia motion sensor light comes in a pack of four, making them ideal for path lights. You can easily line them up in a path at regular intervals, and it enables them to cover the environment conveniently.

Although you are picking four at a time,  they come at an affordable price of about $25, breaking the cost of each to less than $7. Top of it is the 30-day money-back guarantee that comes with the gadget. A win-win any way you look at it.

With over 20,000 reviews on Amazon alone, this is a highly sought-after product.Most complaints here are of the lights going out sooner than expected, to me, that`s not a deal-breaker. You can click here to check user reviews.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of increasing security at your home or office, motion sensor lights are effective, and they come at affordable prices.

You can count on any of Leon Lite or Baxia for effective coverage. There are other brilliant models out there, but this post just concentrated on the above two.

Now the Best place to buy these and other home security gear is Amazon,

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    • Hello Tyanne
      Burning out quick is what you see as quick, remember these lights go on and off all the time they are in use for almost the whole night but then as said, quick is relative.
      Having said that, I don`t think it`s worth it compromising on security and these lights are so affordable.

  1. Motion sensor lights are a great reassurance when security is concerned… and for seeing your way to the bins too! I have them, but need to change the bulbs as they haven’t worked in some time!

    • Thanks for stopping by, I agree that walking on your front door in pitch darkness is not for everyone.Motion sensor lights are so affordable and there should be no excuse to be banging on things in the darkness.

    • So true, motion sensor lights will only turn on when needed and will save you money in the long run instead of having security lights on the whole night.A win-win any way you look


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