Find Cheap Wireless Security Cameras To Buy

Just over a decade or so, the security cameras and systems were only limited to the public places, important businesses, and wealthy homeowners. This is because these security cameras were expensive and could not be afforded by anyone.Many of us want a security camera which is cheap but the product quality is also something that again many of us would not wish to compromise on.Now that makes one wonder whether is it possible to find the cheap wireless security cameras and systems which do not compromise with quality?With time and advancement in technology, the security cameras are now available at affordable prices. Due to the ease of accessibility and possession of good security cameras, people are now able to afford and install these cameras in their homes and businesses.You can also easily look up security cameras online and get several affordable as well as pricey options to choose from, check this other post for more security cameras in another price range. A decent home security camera with the most basic features can be bought for $ 50 or less. An expensive security camera like this one here will have more features and will offer better picture quality. The choice though depends on your needs.You can save money by removing the hidden costs and buy yourself a real cheap wireless security camera. Here are some hidden costs that can be deducted:

  • Is the security camera battery-powered and rechargeable? Does it come with batteries, wires, etc.?
  • Would you be hiring professional installation services or plan on using DIY one? The professional installation does cost more.
  • Does it have a free or monthly subscription?
  • If you buy the security camera online then what is the shipping and customs charge?

With that said, listed below are a few cheap wireless security cameras with good features and specifications for you to check:

GUUDGO GD-SC02 720P Cloud Wifi IP Camera

Rating: 3.5 out of 5Price: $30.99Description:The First IP Camera to support Amazon-AWS Cloud Storage Service. It supports Micro TF Card Slot with maximum 64GB storage capacity and provides extremely stable service.Equipped with a mini WIFI IP Camera, an image sensor, 1/4 Progressive CMOS Sensor and 3.6mm Wide-Angle Lens. Has HD 720P image quality with night vision and 3D digital noise reduction. It supports 24 hours video playback without interruption.Fast to Configure and install. Build in E-mail alert and alarm system. Other supported functions include Reverse, Capture, Pan and Tilt, One Button Guarding, the Motion detection, Remote access and control, Two-way intercom audio, and IR Light.Wireless WIFI HD 1080P IP Camera Home Security Rating: 3.5 out of 5Price: $39.99Description:This camera comes with a fully functional cloud storage with the option of storing all the video data in the cloud server which can be accessed without the camera. It supports 64GB micro SD card.The video quality is excellent with HD 1280*720P and also video recording crystal clear images. Its app has

built-in microphone and speaker for a 2-way intercom facility.

The Pan and Tilt module supports up to 355° horizontal and 120° vertical lens adjustment which in turn ensures that all corners are covered. No hassling with the wire or even the network configuration.The infrared night vision has 15 meters of range.

ESCAM G02 Dual Antenna 720P WiFi IP IR Camera

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Price: $39.99


This camera produces HD 720P image quality. It has Pan 355°+Tilt 120°, sliding screen that can be handled manually which enables remote controlling of the camera’s rotation and also makes the real-time monitoring easier and better.

The built-in microphone and HQ audio speaker allows two-way talk via intercom. The motion detector triggers email alerts. The 10pcs IR LEDs design easily captures images at night up to 8 meters range.

The camera supports storage max up to 128 GB with micro SD card. It has a dual antenna design. The WiFi connection is more stable and strong.

ESCAM QF001 720P IR Night Vision IR-Cut 1.0Mrga WiFi IP Camera

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Price:  $48.06


This camera model of ESCAM supports multi-users online as well as supporting multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, etc. Support up to 32G TF card Produces good quality 720P high definition images, has IR night vision and two-way audio.

Easy plug and play set-up with a classic look. Local Storage support is up to 32GB TF card and also offers 24-hour loop recording. It has a Monitor Advantage Support PC computer monitoring and smartphone multi-pic view.

The UID scan technology applied is easy to operate and is highly confidential. Other general features include Picture Contrast, Brightness, and Saturation adjustment.

VStarcam C7824WIP 720P Wireless IP Camera

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Price: $33


An indoor wireless IP Camera with Plug and Play set up. The 12pcs LED, IR night vision covers a distance of 10M. Supports smartphone and PC View. It has 3.6 mm camera lens and supports remote access and control of Pan/Tilt/Zoom functionality of the wireless security camera.

It does not come with an SD card but does support 64 GB memory card. The two-way audio and motion detection send instant email alerts.


As an end note, ensure that the security cameras you intend to buy have good technical support which is usually through the website or email.Although the security cameras do provide a sense of security yet they are also prone to hacking. So, preventive measures in this regard would help too. Just like many other security measures, a security camera is not foolproof and can be a double-edged sword.

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    • glad you found the post useful, security cameras in your home will keep you safe, even hardened vandals will have to think twice is they know there is a security camera before they vandalise your property.

  1. I am always worried to leave my child with the nanny hence am using day care facility since some time. This security camera seems to be perfect to be installed in my house to be rest assured that my child is safe and happy. I love that it has so many features to it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Glad you found this post helpful unlike in the past security cameras are now affordable and anyone can install one.If you want to rest easy when you leave your kids with a nanny, it`s advisable to install an indoor home security camera.


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