SMONET 4CH 1080P Wireless Video Security System with 2TB HDD


SMONET 4CH 1080P Wireless Video Security System with 2TB HDD is the Best Security Solution For Your Home or Business

Do you know why you need to purchase a video security system for your home and business? Whether you operate a warehouse or a shop, security is of paramount importance.

If you want to monitor your employees or cash registers, then you need to have a video security system in place.

Most companies make losses because of the reluctance of its employees or theft. In the past, it was hard for employers to know the employees who were idling during the working hours.

Thanks to technology, you can track what is happening in your home while you are away,as a way to be sure everything is well when you`re gone.

There are thousands of video security systems available making it almost impossible for homeowners to select the best from the rest.

This article will provide an honest review of SMONET 4CH 1080P Wireless Video Security System with 2TB HDD that will help you to make an informed buying decision.

How it worksSMONET 4CH 1080P Wireless Video Security System with 2TB HDD

The Wireless Video Security System works almost similar to the wired models. It first detects the change that has occurred like if a person has broken the window or a stranger is in the compound.

Secondly, it notifies the homeowner that there could be a danger on their property using , alarm systems, Lastly, it monitors the situation and informs the relevant authorities for assistance.


-Easy to set up- You do not require using any video cable when installing it. Just Plug and Play.-Access remote live videos- You can watch live videos anywhere anytime using your phone.-It notifies the homeowner immediately it detects a motion-Wireless IP Camera System that supports video detection, sync-playback, and video backup.- A one year warranty is given by the manufacturer of this video system.- It has a powerful IR-LED that allows taking clear pictures even in darkness.-It has a powerful signal coverage that does not interfere with your internet.- 24/7 video surveillance thus ensuring that your business or family is safe.Pros

  • It is ideal for small businesses and homes that require to playback, record and remote videos.
  • You can watch the video remotely anytime anywhere using its app on your phone.
  •  It gives homeowner the peace of mind when they know that they are safe
  • It offers the best customer experience especially to supermarkets where customers feel that they are safe when they are shopping.
  •  It helps businesses to document videos so that they adhere to able to produce evidence in the event of grievances.
  •  It helps to reduce internal shrinkage from staff who may be stealing from the company.
  • It assists to improve the productivity of workers who could otherwise be wasting time if there were no such systems


  • There is no disadvantage associated with the use of this video security system.

SummaryIf you wish to buy a video security system to protect your home or business, then 

SMONET 4CH 1080P Wireless Video Security System with 2TB HDD should be your choice. This article is a must-read for homeowners or businesses looking for best video security system.

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  1. I am interested in a home security system. I was wondering if they offer a 4K camera or is 1080P the highest available to date. If there is a 4k version which brand do you suggest and where is the best place to purchase product. Does Arlo Pro offer A 4k version similar to the one shown above. I really like the design concept they have


    Ken B.


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