What Are The Best Drones for Kids?

Quadcopter drones seem like a must-have for kids. They are getting more and more popular these days that kids want to own one when they discover their friend is flying one. But, what are the best drones for kids?.

I have not asked my nephew yet, but I kind of sensed it when he walked up to me to get him a drone. He did not just ask for any drone, he was specific about what kind of drone he wanted.

He asked specifically for the Syma X5C and I can see why, with over 1600 positive reviews on Amazon, this is a much-loved drone.

Personally, I feel the ideal drone for kids should be around $200 or less. Most of the ones more expensive than that are either more sophisticated or too big, which could pose a safety risk to kids.

Of course, the decision is still entirely up to the adults. And for whatever price range you might be looking at, we have compared different drones to help you make an informed decision.This is one of the best drones for kids

Here is a list of drones that pass as my recommendations for kids

GoolRC T36 Wi-Fi FPV Drone

Best FPV Camera Drones under $100

your kids are willing to trade some flying time for a little bit of extra color, then you will want to consider this one.

It comes with bright LED lights which not only makes the drone eye-catching but also very convenient to fly at night.

Your mind will be at peace knowing that your kid could fly this at night (under supervision of course) and not misplace their prized possession, as the light will always keep your eyes fixed on it.

Other than that, the 6-axis Gyro system maintains stability, and it is straightforward to perform 360˚ flips with one key.

You get a real-time stream of what the camera is facing on your phone. Add to that the headless and one key return feature.

If you manage to lose your drone despite its brightness, you will be able to call it back to you with the push of a button. Again, you only get 4-5 minutes of flight time but worth every penny.

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MJX X101 Drone

Best FPV Camera Drones under $ 200.This drone has a decently high resolution camera which gives you access to see what the drone sees.

It also affords you real-time video transmission via your smartphone The drone has a headless mode which puts to bed any confusion as to which direction the drone should go.

The one-key return function vertically returns it back to its take-off point in Headless mode.

More features include integration with 3D VR Headset, different throttle switch modes (difficulty levels), 2.4GHz spread spectrum technology for more remote control distance.

Powerful anti-jamming potential, and the ability to control more than one drone simultaneously without interference with each other.

The six Axis system keeps the drone stable, and the 360˚ eversion makes flips and tricks easier to do. It comes with LED lights, and you get a long flight time of around 15 minutes.

Holy Stone X400C Drone

This drone was one of the first drones I ever heard about. I am 100% positive kids love flying this one. It is extremely easy to control.

What you get with this one is a very decent camera (not exactly HD as they claim) and very stable flights.

The biggest strength of this drone is its durability. It can take a hammering and this is very essential for kids.

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Potensic A20 Mini Drone

This drone just had to make this list. It is very cheap and super easy to fly. That makes to perfect combo for a kid’s drone in my opinion. It is extremely stable, gives you the luxury of being able the live stream footage and in HD too.

It comes with multiple flying modes which makes it ideal for people with any skill set – from beginner all the way to expert.

You just have to make sure your kids keep it at the beginner level until they have gotten a hang of how to fly drones well.

Its 6-axis gyro system makes the drone very wind resistant, and aids its stability.

What more? You get 18 minutes of flight time, a drone so light that you do not have to register it with the FAA, and available personal support from MOTA. At this price, I am not quite sure what more you could ask for.

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Arris FPV250 Mini Racing Drone

I recommend this solely for teenagers because of how fast it is. Younger kids might have a problem dealing with the speed of a racing drone.

If you are looking for an affordable racing drone that is a first-person view, you do not have to look any further than this one.

Not only is it built with carbon fibre composited material, it is also very convenient to fly in tight spaces.

It features a 700TVL camera which has no delay and delivers exceptional video quality.

Standard connectors and wiring make this particular product easy to modify, and it has a frame that is durable enough for racing.

This racing drone is not heavy and promises to deliver amazing speed to you.

For even more convenience the whole setup comes already assembled and the only additional things you need to have are a set of drone batteries and a radio set.

This would make a perfect birthday or any occasion present for your teenage kids and if fancy having some fun yourself, go for it.

ARRIS X-Speed 250B V3 250 FPV Racing Drone Camera may look bulky but believe me, it`s not at all.

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So there you go. These are our top recommendations for drones you should get for your kids.

Of course, there are many other models currently available and even more coming out every passing day, but these are our two cents on drones for kids.

We managed to limit these drones to under $200, as I can not justify spending more on a drone for kids, making each of them reasonably affordable.

If you have any questions or thoughts, we would love to hear you out in the comments.

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