Lorex Security Cameras Reviews: Expectations vs Reality

If you search for a security camera for your home or business apartment, you need not look for it anymore. Lorex got you covered. They are a Canadian-based company whose major focus is on security cameras.

Although their design is not sleek, they are proud of themselves for getting the job done in storage, video resolution, and its multiple features.
But having said that, you`re looking for quality, something that will do the work, you`re not looking for a decorative piece of gadget.
The features you should look out for in Lorex or any other security camera are its high-quality recordings, waterproof, the strength to withstand elements outdoors, and excellent night vision.

In this Lorex security cameras review, I will look at its features, pricing, and installation. With this, I believe I should have given you a detailed insight into Lorex security cameras. 

Features of Lorex Security cameras

Lorex security camera for home security indoors and outdoors

When it comes to the features and the quality of security cameras, the amount of money you want to spend plays a major role.

Although you do not want to overtax your wallet, you will not want to waste your hard-earned cash on a product that does not work as it`s supposed to either.

Lorex security cameras got you covered in terms of features and cost. Let us begin to see some unique features With Lorex Security cameras.

HD Video

Lorex presents a very clear video; depending on the model of your choice, you can have a camera with a resolution as high as 4,000. But you can be rest assured that even if you are on a low budget, this brand security camera will still get you covered with quality video. 


With the apps, you can see live video streaming, use two-way communication, tilt, or zoom in and out. The apps are well suited with an away and home feature. It prevents you from being overloaded with unnecessary alerts at home or longers accessible to the camera. 

Although some of their customers complain of video distortion and lagging, this can be excused based on the different types of communication infrastructure available to various locations. 

You can view customer reviews here, as some of the unsatisfaction I feel are not deal breakers as they are so minor.

Excellent Night Vision 

Lurex security cameras get you cover in the case of a burglary or attempted break-ins that occur at night. The cameras offer excellent night vision that makes it easier for you to see what is happening even when it is dark. 

Two Way Communication

Lorex is well-suited to two-way communication. It enables users to talk, listen, and respond to anyone who is on the other end. You can use this medium to monitor and control activities in your home. 


Some Lorex security camera models come equipped with sirens that you can easily activate to trigger in the case of an emergency. You can also use it to keep people off your property at certain periods.

Share Feed 
With the share feed option, you can share your video feed with those not on the plan. Such folks can include family members, partners, or security agents that you feel should see the video. It is not difficult; you can easily achieve this by sharing a link with them. (more on that later)

Ability to Monitor Temperature 

Some Lorex models can monitor your environmental temperature. You will find this feature relevant in the case of a fire outbreak.

When the camera notices a sudden surge in the environmental temperature, the device will send a notification. It can go a long way to prevent damage or reduce the extent of the damage.

Zoom via App 

Some Lorex security cameras come with the ability to zoom video images for clarity on the app. You can always get a clear view of strange objects. 

Now you keep reading the word “some regarding the security cameras” this is because Lorex has such a large selection for you to choose from.
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Installation of Lorex Security cameras 

Lorex takes into cognizance that not everyone has experienced wiring a camera. With that, they have primarily designed their camera for a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation. 

They proud themselves on the simplicity of the installation of their camera irrespective of the camera you purchase.

But if you are buying multiple cameras that require a more sophisticated setup, you may choose to go with professionals to do the installations. 

That said, let us unbox a Lorex Security Camera. 

Step 1: Open the box and remove the content. You don’t have to worry; everything is ready to go. All you need are some hardware attachment to screw in and some power cable.

Step 2: The next thing is downloading the Lorex App. You will have to search for that which has to do with your camera. Then the app will have to process, accept and sync your camera code. 


Like it applies with most security cameras, setting the camera in the appropriate location is one of the most strenuous tasks you have to carry out.

Many times you have to find a good location where the camera can have a good view of your environment and at the same time have easy access to power outlets. 

But Lorex has made it a little simple by including a power cord that is not less than 10 feet in length and a USB extension that is not less than 10ft. With that, you have a more flexible option as to where to place your camera. USB extension for Lorex security Cameras or any other camera so you can extend the reach of your camera.


When it comes to pricing, the prices of Lorex security camera varies because they have lots of models and various bundle which you can take advantage off.

You can buy a standalone camera or take advantage of any of the bundles containing as many as 32 cameras. All of their fees are a one-time payment without any form of a monthly or annual subscription. 

In conclusion

Lorex security cameras are always a set of powerful gadgets that will give you the feeling of security and confidence.

You are assured of a consistent, high-quality image from the crystal clear resolution and vision during daylight to the sharp and precise night vision. 

Like me, you enjoy working with your home appliances and customizing them to suit your taste, and you will find pleasure working with Lorex. 

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