Outdoor Christmas Decorations To Cheer You This Festive Season

Get ready for the holidays with these awesome lawn decorations ideas and how to make your home and outdoor space look like a winter wonderland.

From gorgeous greenery and twinkling light displays, you’ll be able to celebrate this joyous time of year outside too!

Make Christmas start outside on the walkway trees and front porch before you venture inside. You can take your holiday decorating to a new level this season. With the right outdoor Christmas decorations, there are no limits to your Outdoor Christmas Decorations and projects.

Find outdoor lights that will make this Christmas as cheerful as ever.

You’ll also want some great craft ideas for inside(which we already shared in our earlier post that you can find here)check out our selection of wreaths or wood crafts. They’re perfect additions around any house (and easy enough even if you don’t have much skill!).outdoor christmas decorations

There’s an art to arranging Outdoors Christmas decorations without appearing to be over the top. It takes some planning and determination but can be easy if you make a plan!

Start by choosing what kind of style or theme is going on outside- whether it’s through having one big flame decoration vs multiple smaller ones as your outdoor decorations.

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Using color schemes such as red & green instead of gold tinsel tied together with presents underneath them.

Once these decisions have been made then feel free to get creative – we’ve rounded up lots of ideas from garlands/wreaths all the way down the yard ornaments.

Walk in a Winter Wonderland

It’s that time of year again when we say goodbye to harsh winter and hello to beautiful snowfall. If you don’t live in a place with lots of white Christmases (or Whenever It Snows), this is your chance!

Get out there and make some outdoor Christmas décor and memories by decorating for the holidays with these amazing DIY project ideas: Snowed In Porch Makeover!

All it takes are two white artificial frosty trees + borrowing items from home(a wreath, some string lights)–what more could anyone ask?

Farmhouse House Love This Christmas

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Sometimes the best way to make your home feel like it’s Christmas Day is by keeping things simple.

With natural elements like a bucket full of pinecones, a woven doormat, artificial trees, and garlands around the door;

You can bring all sorts of plants or animal décor without being too overbearing about this seasonal time period!
The only true Christmassy item here would be our signature wreath made from acorns—(but even then we don’t think anyone would mind if u added some colored lights either).

Lighted Deer Christmas Decoration

Why not take the holiday scene outside your house to new heights this year? Get a Reindeer figure for your lawn.

This gold glittery Reindeer is accented with 70 cool white LED lights and comes complete with a silver bow that will make it look like they’ve been topped off individually by you at Christmas time!

The metal construction also means easy assembly – just plug them into any ordinary outlet using the ground stakes included in each package (there are three different colors).

Reindeer is just so Christmassy, even the kids will believe Santa is coming with the presents any minute.

DIY Wooden Pallet Outdoor Christmas Decoration

A pallet Christmas tree is so easy to make, find I tall plank to use as the base, then take 4,5,6, or however many you choose depending on the size of the pallet Christmas decoration you want.

Hammer them across the first plank. ( a few centimeters apart)When done, cut the horizontal wood to make a triangle.

Spray with gold color to give it a cleaner look. Once dry, you can put a star tree topper, angel, or whatever you want to decorate your wooden Christmas tree with.

This works so well in your outdoor area than indoors because pallets are heavy, I`ll not want to have them indoors unlike other decorations mentioned here.

DIY Christmas Snowman Decoration

The tradition of building a snowman has been around for centuries. It’s no surprise that this activity would be an important part of celebrating Christmas. Use our Snow Man Kit and make your own little person to decorate the courtyard with your family!

It doesn’t matter if it’s cold outside – everyone loves coming home after work or school just so they can  mess around making their own masterpiece outdoor décor out there before going inside again.


Get your Snowman making kit here they are affordable and can be used time and again after the festive season is over.

Entryway Garland Outdoor Christmas Decoration

There are so many outdoor Christmas decoration ideas like Christmas flags or pathway lights that we can not put them all here, but we feel this list will be incomplete without Garlands.

When considering Christmas decorations for this holiday season, we can bet that garland is near the top of your must-shop list.

You have plenty of choices: Examples are artificial garlands strung along banisters or around television sets. Hanging versions off branches with red bow-like little white lights, and pine cones. Hang on outdoor trees or over your door.

The decorating options may seem endless so they’ll complement whatever tree you decide to put up (if any). This year as well, add some much-needed holiday cheer to homes without trees at all.

Get artificial trees or lawn ornaments, if you have no lawn, get an artificial Christmas wreath for your doors. This is inviting, and nothing screams festive season right before someone enters your home.

Now It`s Your Turn 

Which Christmas decorations do you feel we missed? should we have covered more lighted outdoor Christmas decorations? Now come to think of it, almost all the decorations above are lighted.

Which outdoor Christmas decorations are your must-have from our list? or would you like to share with us your favorite decorating tips?

In our next post, we`ll cover outdoor Christmas decoration ideas for dummies, and outdoor lit decor so stay tuned for more.

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  1. We moved to a new house this year and I was so excited to decorate the outside of our house for Christmas for the first time this year! Thanks for all the great ideas just in case I need to add anything extra

    • I`m glad you found the post helpful, Christmas decorations are just once a year so to me, there is no excuse for not decorating a home or appartment to make everything feel extra festive.

    • I love christmas decorations and for me,decorating for Christmas starts outside,it`s a sign of welcome to guests who visit in the festive season.

    • thanks susan, Christmas pallet trees are so easy to make and you can not go wrong making one, not to mention that you can buy pallets very cheaply

    • Glad you liked the post Jordan,decorations are not only limited to christmas time,as you said some can be done with the family at any time of the year

    • Thanks Natalie, I too love doing Christmas decorations and Christmas will not be complete if I did not decorate.
      Thanks, im glad you like the post.

  2. Ooooh! I’m loving all of your suggestions! The walk in a winter ❄️ wonderland and the farmhouse are two of my favorites although I love them all! You are so creative! Can you come to my house and decorate next?
    Thank you for sharing such amazing and fun ideas! Incorporating these into any home decor will certainly help families make beautiful memories for years to come!

    • Thanks so much lovely I really appreciate you stopping by.Decorationg for Christmas need not be hard,get the items you need ready, from there work your way up, you can always reduce or add to your chrisstmas decorations.

    • I`m sure you are brilliant at decorating, you just have to give it a go.To me, decorating for Christmas starts with a Christmas tree, tinsel and Christmas tree lights, after that, you just follow your heart.

    • Glad you found the post useful, thanks so much for stopping by.Decorating for Christmas can be hard, decorating for other occasions harder too so it always helps if you can find something useful.


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